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Jika Allah menolong kamu, maka tiada apa yang dapat mengalahkanmu, tetapi jika Allah membiarkan kamu (tidak memberi pertolongan), maka siapa yang dapat menolongmu setelah itu? Karena itu hendaklah pada Allah saja orang-orang mukmin bertawakal 3:160

so today i decided to settle my medical check up stuff.

firstly my father decided just to go to some private clinic, and settle all the stuff there. but for the sake of my work in the future, we just went to government clinic.

the usual me is going to expect the worst in everything. that's how egypt changed me i guess. so, my imagination is i'm going to wait for several hour, get myself scolded by the nurse (i dont no, i just imagine this haha)

but, honestly i'm admit that our government hospital is at his (maybe hospital is a man :p ) best.
i'm sure about this. Regarding its fee, the lab work out, the imaging department, wahh this really surprise me. For your information, i'm not going to main hospital, just going to district health clinic. all in one level. you get what i mean? it's really different from egypt, and private hospital that i have been before.

owhh. my father is not really in his best health, so a lot of time i accompanied my father going to private hospital. the waiting hour is nearly the same (my father going there for follow up), the duration with the doctor also nearly the same. but the most amazingly amaze me is about the fee. with all the lab work out, chest x-ray and the consultation, free of charge !!! and i know it's gonna cost me hundreds if i'm going to private hospital.

maybe the place is not air-conditioned, there is no staff that responsible for public relationship (like the one that show you the direction, bring you to the place for chest x-ray, you just sit and relax, the nurse that very friendly, not kelam kabut like in government hospital). but we need to admit it, the fee is all the answer. and i'm sure the government staff salary is less than private staff.

Alhamdulillah, for the experience today. but i really salute the government staff, because they are really doing their work, give their best service, the explaination, ramah sangat :)

so, in my opinion our government hospital is at his best quality. maybe there are a room for improvement but if you really know about the system in other country, the charge in every service, the profit based medical service, you will appreciate it, really.

And for your information, the doctor, specialist and treatment in government hospital is really great. because the doctor really wanna treat you, very honest without extra charge.


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